modern grills, where art thou?

Gag me with a spoon.

As work continues on our back yard, I yearn for a modern grill. Standard grills are frightening to a Modernist: just a giant ole pile of stainless steel yuck. Where are the Modern grills? What we'te looking for is something that can be outside, runs on gas, and looks good.

As it turns out, there are a few out there:

the ulaelu

I've posted about this one before. More griddle than grill (which might be healthier), this baby is gorgeous but high dollar, clocking in at $3,000 depending on your options.

the fuego

The Fuego has a small footprint but a good price: about $300 (with free shipping!). They used to have a white one, but no longer. :-(

rockwell grill by caliber

More post-Modern than Modern, this baby clocks in at almost 10K.

the mueller emform

Available from none other than AllModern this doozy clocks in at $226 (wheelbarrow not included). Great for job sites. Charcoal.

the hasty-bake legacy

Kinda minimal and available at $1,130, but charcoal only.

the lazy man model A2

Now here's minimalism from the self-proclaimed creator of outdoor grills, Lazy Man. Costs somewhere between $1,200 and $2,200 for the bit you see. Not sure how one adjusts the fire on this puppy. You get what you get, and you cook with it. Can be fitted with a top, but it then looks like a standard grill.

the weber

Available from Amazon for about $450 and recommended by The Wirecutter (we loves The Wirecutter, yes we do), this would be a good grill, and it is so close: if only the top was more cubist. Plus, when the arms are down, it looks like a little robot:

Hot damn, that's cute!

eva solo

This is a cool grill, but charcoal (and around $800).

the cuebe

It has a promising name, but rather than a grill, it's a griddle with two burners. And a $3,800 price tag.


oh my, maybe this is it! Freakin' gorgeous! But also freakin' expensive: $5,500 for the three topper:

Darth Vader himself roasted Wookie-steaks on it (or so I'm told).

For us poor folks, there's a set-on-topper for $2,640:

or a one-topper similar to the one above for $2,760:

For an extra $420 you can even get a removable lid (or a fixed one for $960):

They ship to the US, so we can assume they work with US canisters?

These guys have it figured out.

go custom?

We could go custom, but that costs big bucks, and can be dangerous if the designer/fabricator doesn't know what they are doing.

screw it

These folks have the right idea:

Hide the whole mess behind a wall and be done with it. hmmmm.....

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