review: Swanx cabinetry

The funnest person we had the chance to work with while building the house was Michele, owner of Swanx. Not only was she great to collaborate with (I truly felt like we worked as a team), but her ideas and design and decorating thoughts were spot on (even when they didn't seem like it at first; I learned to trust the Swanx: she knows what she's doing). And she's a hoot to boot!

The kitchen and baths came out awesome, and she even did the built-in cantilevered-off-the-wall bedside cabinets, which came out cooler than we could have ever imagined. Oh, and she also did the buds-n-suds room adding the pizazz of lights in the uppers. She does more traditional (and transitional) kitchens as well but was perfect in our Modern project.

Highly recommended!


  1. These are the professional pics? They look FANTASTIC! But what's going on with your cat? He looks like Marty McFly when he started to disrupt the past, putting his own existence in jeopardy. You haven't let your cat start to disrupt the past, have you?

    1. All but the bottom where done by PW. I shot the bottom with a long exposure with the cat. Excuse me: The Ghost Cat.

  2. What kind of cabinets/finish? Love the modern look.

  3. What kind of cabinets/finish? Love the modern look!