stop skewing around

Hooked up with The Architect to discuss the various house layouts we’ve been discussing-chatting-writhing about lately. Unfortunately, we haven’t hit upon a solution that addresses all concerns, namely the street approach, the hammerhead (where to back the car), and patio space. After plenty of discussion, flirtations with other potential designs, and a questioning of original assumptions, we settled on, for the time being, the originally proposed orthogonal placement with a lengthening of the dining module (which also lengthens the patio space) and an impending investigation of how close we can place our 1,500 pound New Mexican bread oven to the property line. Everything seems to hinge on the bread oven now…

The 3-D renderings above show how the different skewed orientations might look like from the street. Ultimately the original plan (posted here) looks best.

(photo of the horno by me taken in our current back yard; 3D realizations by The Architect).

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