the gpcd of sickness and kittens

I've written before about how well our water conservation activities have been going with our gallons per capita daily (what the cool kids call gpcd) getting down to 33 gallons per capita daily. More recently, we've been consistently just below 30. Most recently, over the past billing month, I've been recovering from surgery (a recovery that required several baths a day) and we adopted kittens that turned out to have ringworms (lots of sterilizing clothes washing). That caused last month to jump up to 42 gallons per capita daily.

The City of Austin provides the chart below so you can see usage over time. The high use in September and October of last year was due to (1) a new landscape and (2) no rainwater tank at that time. We didn't blood oath off using city water outside until April of this year.

Here's to good health (and conserving water). They go hand in hand!

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