Frank Lloyd Wright's Louis Pennfield House

Love-love-love this house, built in 1955. Currently for sale for a cool $1.7 million (but includes a couple other places). Also currently for rent!


  1. This is such a sweet house, and very unique compared Wright's other work of the period. The combination of materials and colors was not repeated by Wright in an other design, as far as I know. The grid panel construction is similar only to the Raymond Carlson House in Phoenix.

    And so many Wright houses are all about the horizontal. The Penfield House is one of Wright's occasional exercises in the vertical.

    I was acquainted with Lou Penfield when I was a high school student (late 70s) and was invited to come and see it a couple of times. Mr. Penfield was a generous, talented and enthusiastic art teacher; he loved the house and loved to show it to others that shared his enthusiasm.

    1. Thanks for the comment! It certainly looks like a fantastic place. Here's to hoping it stays on the vacation rental market: Architecture needs to be experienced in person to fully appreciate it.