cloudcroft cabin concept

We've been making progress on the design of the cabin! The above is a nifty realization of the guiding concept, which is quite sweet! I say 'guiding concept' because the earthly realities of budget and gravity (see that cantilever way over yonder?) haven't yet been fully applied. Nonetheless, we like where things are going!

In short, the upstairs includes the public spaces and the master suite (the bedroom is over yonder) with a guest bedroom downstairs. The public rooms and bedrooms engage the forest and there's quite a bit of covered outdoor space. Although shown with a flat roof here, the real design will have a 2 inches over 12 inches fall toward the front of the house (snowload is an issue).

Although this image shows floor to ceiling glass, energy-code requirements (Cloudcroft is equivalent to southern Alaska) and budget/available subs probably (sadly) won't allow them.

before there was casa cubed...

When we bought a lot, we bought an empty with no house on it. We did that for several reasons: (1) to avoid the costs of scraping and (2), not being sure we could really bring ourselves to scrape a house (we have a warm spot for old things that need love), to avoid scraping. The lot we bought had hosted a house, but it had been condemned and scraped by the city more than a decade before we acquired the property.

We've often wondered what was on the property before it was scraped and, thanks to a neighbor, we can wonder no more! We received a kind letter in the mail with a photo of the previous house. Given the overgrowth, this photo was probably taken during the downswing in the home's fate. According to neighborhood lore, the lady who lived there wasn't able or willing to take care of the house. The roof failed and leaked catastrophically into the structure leading to condemnation and removal.

Although hard to see, the house is similar to one a few lots to the south of us that is currently undergoing a major remodel:

 except that "ours" had the linear sandstone (something the bride and I both love on the houses in the 'hood).