the gr(a/e)y grrls

Why is there a correlation between having Gray/Grey as your surname and having fabulous design sense? There's the historical gobsmackery of Eileen Gray (architect, furniture designer), the minimal brilliance of Louise Gray (quilter), and the over-the-top undertones of Louisa Grey (interior designer). Louisa, in one of the photos below, even winks at this correlation by including an Eileen Gray-inspired lamp in a roomscape. All of these talented gr(e/a)ys have impeccable senses of style. Muted. Organic. Minimal. Warm yet cold. It's OK to have a gray day!

louisa grey

 louise gray

eileen gray

photos from:

house of grey
louise gray


writing on walls again: albuquerque

Quick trip to Albuquerque to handle some estate business, see a bro, eat some chile, and gawk at some murals and rock art. Had originally hoped to ride the tram to the top of the Sandias but high winds kept from the mount.