gutter guards

I kinda despise cleaning gutters (who doesn't?). It's messy and it's dangerous (six packs of Lone Star and ladders don't mix...). And given that part of our house has two stories, cleaning gutters is even more of a challenge. At first I tried those cheapie plastic inserts that (1) looked awful and (2) simply didn't work all that well (didn't fit well and dislodged with a good wind). All in all, the cheapies were a fail.

After a quick look at Consumer Reports and an in-person inspection at Zingers, we decided to get the Tesla of gutter guards by going with GutterGlove Pro:

These babies are made of aluminum with a stainless steel mesh on top. They integrate best with metal and composition roofs (that long wing there goes underneath the roofing) but our installers (Austin Gutter King) also get it to work with TPO. And they have a nice, finished look about them that complements Modern construction.

The stuff ain't cheap, but it looks good and, thus far, seems to work good. We'll still need to go up there and brush off the screens once a year (or hire someone to do it), but we feel good that these puppies will do the job and last a long long while.

The gutter for the garage with Gutterglove Pro installed. Since we don't have a proper first-flush for the rainwater harvesting system,  these gutter guards also serve as an excellent filter for roof debris. 


  1. We're planning to renovate our house in Austin and to make it into our own little modern haven, and I your blog is fantastic! I stumbled across it at just the right time in our own renovation journey (we've almost finalized design and we've just started to 'date' builders).

    Thanks so much for sharing your experiences - I've learned so much already! Would you mind disclosing the name of your builder? Cost, communication, modern aesthetic and green building are very important to us, too, and we're finding it a bit tough to find the right builder.

    Thanks again!!

    1. Thanks for the kind note! That reminds me that I need to write about our builder, Beck-Reit: http://www.beckreit.com A good intersection of value, green, and Modern.