beauty lights

Lights about bathroom mirrors, to be specific. Not sure what to do here... Some possibilities:

The Artemide Basic Bath Strip ($230):

I kinda like this one for it's simplicity and how it evokes Eileen Gray's tube light from 1927:

but $230 a piece seems on the pricey side for a glorified fluorescent tube holder...

Then there's the ET2 for $87.31:

but it ain't quite right.

This one by American Fluorescent looks right:

but the price ain't right at $296.00.

Our apartment has one that looks exactly like this called the Metro Vanity Light ($280, $320 in fluorescent):

but oriented vertically. I actually like it a lot: It's solid, it's square, it's neoplastic and it comes in chrome and fluorescent options, but I'm c,  (but surprised at how much it costs!).

Or there's this, the Lynn Bath Light, which appears to be the same as the Metro but without the protrusions (and a lower price of $220):

hmmm bah hmmmm bah hmmmmmm....


Here's some other that are interesting:

The Possini Euro Rectangle for $200:

and the Possini Euro Tuning Fork for $90:

and the Possini Midtown for $180:

the Possini (I'm liking this Possini stuff...) Euro Opal for $310:

The Possini Euro Midtown for $100:

Also somewhat attracted to George Kovacs' blockier offerings, including the Cubism for $256:

And this Nice Cube is nice ($130):

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