plugged in and switched on

We haven’t yipped and yarped with the architects or builder about electric plugs and light switches, but we will need to. We did turn the architects on to a nifty little diagram by the BUILD boys about how they like to line stuff up across a room and a house:

(pilfered from BUILD)

The risk in not specifying this stuff is that the builder and/or installer installs it where they want to install it. Not the end of the world (but close!).

As far as plugs are concerned, we’re looking for (surprise, surprise) something clean and cubist. Fortunately, we didn’t have to look too hard: How about Leviton! They make squarish insets and have screwless covers:

Perfect! And coolest of the cool, Leviton makes a dual plug for 110/220:

We’ll need one of those for our cooktop.

Our dream plugs and switches would be Trufig:

Freakin’ gorgeous! But pricey, and that’s not including the delicate installation. We’ll have leave those to the one percenters...

For plugs, wethinks we will go with orienting the plugs horizontally (requires more blocking?) a la the BUILD diagram above. 

I guess we’ll keep plugging along...

postnote 1: As it turns out, those horizontal plugs do require extra blocking, but it's part of the baseboarding described above:

although that double baseplate ain't (necessarily) good for minimizing air infiltration. 

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