but, honey, how will we fill our pots?

The plumbing bid came in, and it didn't have our bathroom faucets on it. The sub said they couldn't find them. I went to my link, and, sure enough, they were gone! That prompted a google-fest search for what was going on. Amidst my search frenzy I came across this crazy close-out deal at plumbersurplus.com for a Danze Parma deck-mounted pot filler for (wait for it, wait for it...) $82.41 (+ free shipping)! SOLD!!!!

I've been intrigued about getting a Danze Parma pot filler, but ultimately passed given the cost (sucker usually goes for $360). But for 82 bucks, what the heck! Maybe it's on sale because it's chrome? The cool kids like stainless or brushed something or the other. But just like he drools over the trim on old Caddys, Bubba likes chrome! [insert disgusting pig grunts here]

The sucker came in the mail yesterday and it is BEAUTIFUL-GORGEOUS!

The first meal in the new house shall be spaghetti! Or boiled turnips!

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