mirror mirror on the wall...

The architects have spec'd mirrors for the house, and here they are:

for the powder:
for the master:

for the guest:

Oddly, they didn't specify mirrors for the ceiling in the master bedroom. We'll have to talk to them about that...  ;-)

They have the powder mirror floating a wee bit, and that's cool. And no issues with the mirror in the guest.

We have, however, been thinking a bit about the mirror in the master. There's nothing wrong with what the architects have for the master bathroom, and I think we'll ultimately go with it. I like how they have the light fixtures coming out of the mirror (suh-wheat!) and how the top o the mirror lines up with the top o the window on that wall. But we've flirted a wee bit with these shelved mirrors at IKEA:

What's cool about them is that the doors open and inside is the interior of a traditional medicine shelf. Having lived in a 100-year-old house, we had something similar, and it was quite handy compared to what we have now, simply the mirror. On the negative side is that it's not exactly the right size (the large version is about 39" by 38"), but it could work with two of them. I also wonder about how hardy they are (the fronts are pieces-of-glass mirrors; the one at the store has chipped corners...), especially with his and hers opening into each other ("You're going to brush your teeth? Fine. Then I'm going to freakin' floss!!!"  CRASH!!!). The cabinets stick out of the wall 5.5".

Linear-looking light kits can affix to the tops:

These suckers are not cheap. Each mirror-box runs $249 a piece, and the lights run $70 a piece for a total of $638. Wouldn't be doing this to save money, methinks...

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