top ten posts of 2015

Since this is the time of end-of-the-year top ten posts, I figured I might as well throw in. Here are my top ten traffic-inducing posts of 2015!

1. dancing with architecture: Denver

A long-weekend trip to Denver greeted us with great weather, great architecture, and fantastic street art.

2. a tour of St. Martin's Church, Austin, Texas

I toured this gorgeous Austin Modern church and then, mere weeks later, this House of God was under threat of demolition. This country eats its old...

3. haiku for the book "Lilly Reich: Designer and Architect" by MoMA

Glad to see that this little review of Lilly Reich got some attention. She is well deserving and needs her day in the sun.

4. Memorial Day Flood 2015 at Casa Cubed

Truth be told this post probably got a number of hits because of the Memorial Day Flood, but I like to think that perhaps the crazy cloud photos pulled 'em in...

5. dancing with architecture: Tulsa (with a side of Catoosa)

I was really impressed with Tulsa for several reasons, one of which was all the Bruce Goffs.

6. modern maven: peter behrens

One of my series on Modern mavens was a top click getter. That reminds me: I need to get back working on these!

7. haiku for the book "The Perfect $100,000 House" by Karrie Jacobs

Although an older book about seeking to build an affordable Modern home, it's still quite relevant today.

8. Iceland over Christmas

We took a holiday trip to Iceland that was simply FANTASTIC! Yes, there was some architecture there.

9. dancing with architecture: Bartlesville, Oklahoma (with a side of Dewey)

This was a fun little trip with a Frank Lloyd Wright to see as well as a herd of Bruce Goffs.

10. boardwalk Austin

We finally made it down to the Lady Bird Lake boardwalk!


  1. I'm so glad that you posted this year in review. My wife and I are headed to Norman, Tulsa, and Bartlesville next month and were planning to check out some Wright and Goff work. You just made the research much easier! Cheers.