design dilemma: bathroom tile

First, let's recap the tile story thus far:

1. Working with the interior designer we chose a tile for the floor in the bathrooms, something long and linear (6" by 24") and grey to evoke the concrete floor:

2. After crashing and burning on the initial choice for backsplash tile for the kitchen, we found this white-with-grey-wisps polished marble with similar geometric properties to the initial choice:

We were initially thinking pure white for the kitchen backsplash as well as the bathroom walls, but the marble surprised us with how cool it looks, how well it goes with our countertop choice, and how it will probably not look as dirty as pure white.

So our thinking now is: How about large format polished marble for the bathroom walls?

To further recap, here is where we need tile:

in the master bath:

 and the guest bath:

Ideally, we'd find polished marble in the flavor of our kitchen backsplash in the 6 inch by 24 inch size; however, we haven't been able to find it. An alternative is to get a smaller version of the tile with the same aspect ratio (1:4):

This tile is 2" by 8" and is available from the Tile Shop.

Here's marble at 4" by 12" from the Tile Shop:

Here's marble at 8.5" by 19.5" from the Tile Shop:

Here's 12" by 24" from the Tile Shop:

Here's 10" by 30" porcelain meant to look like marble (a big Modern no-no...) from the Tile Shop:

Here's the same but in an 8" by 12" format from the Tile Shop:

Or we could take another look at the sister tile to the grey tile at the tippy top of the post.

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