hooks (and ladders)

hmmm... Need to decide which hooks to have in the bathrooms... Let's see what's out there at allmodern.com.

There's this Smedbo Boslagsboden hook at $7.20 a piece:

or this one at $12.80:

Dig that it's square and that crazy name. But.... what's with the screws? Those screws are killing the vibe, man...

Smedbo also has a non-screw-showing choice but in cylinders (for $8.80; comes in chrome):

Or, if we want the uppy-downy cylinder to be completely up front (for an additional buck sixty; also comes in chrome):

If we want more of a hockey puck look, there's this by Smedbo ($12.40):

or the Hansa at $12.00:

This one by Blomus is interesting and different, but dude, you put your name on it! [GONG!!!!]

This Hansgrohe at $14.30 is minimally cool:

But for the true de Stijler, there's this blocky wonder by Fresca for [cough, cough] $21.99:

and [oh my!] look at this other one from Fresca ($24.10):

This USE is kinda cute at $27.99:

Then the prices start to get a little out of control...

Jado at $42.35:

WS Bath Collections at $63.00 (a piece!):

which also has a beautiful towel holder at [gulp.] $273 bucks:

and a gaspingly gorgeous toilet paper holder at a mere [cough. cough. snort.] $168.00:

If we worked as lobbyists for lobbyists, we'd probably get the WS Bath Collection stuff. Oh yes we would.

Midrange, that Fresca stuff is nice. Here are the towel and paper holders:

And holy HÃ¥agen Dazs! Check out this Fresca faucet:

Very close to our (my...) dream faucet (that costs some $700) for only $140!

And then there's good ole IKEA. Two (count 'em!) hooks for a mere $3.99:

Oh yeah. Here's some ladders:


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