cabinet shake up?

Given that we are asking for/hoping for some special things to happen cabinet wise (deep toes, under cab lights and plugs, shelves), I'm getting concerned that IKEA may not fit the bill. Further eroding IKEA's support is that the desk I blog on and bought a mere six months ago is disintegrating before my eyes: Delaminating, warping, discoloring. Yuck.

Whilst on the Modern Home Tour this spring, we visited a house that used KitchenCraft cabinets, and they were pretty swank (in an affordable kinda way). Further research suggests that they are, indeed, affordable and semi-customizable with the local dealer (mere blocks from our lot) designing, customizing, and installing the units. We stopped by the local dealer today to check 'em out, and their cabinets are, indeed, nice. Even better, they could also do the shelves and drawers in the living room.

"Hmmmm," he hmmmmed.

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