building a reproduction of Schindler's Lovell Beach House side table

Last October, a curious thing happened: An original (circa 1922) side table from R.M. Schindler's Lovell Beach House appeared on Ebay. It was far too expensive to tempt temptation, not to mention that it looked like it had re-entered the atmosphere and didn't have papers. But the seller included a great collection of photos of the table from different perspectives. "Hmmmm...." I hmmmed, "That looks buildable."

So I called my friends at Coulbury Design about building a reproduction (if you recall, they also built us a stunning reproduction of Eileen Gray's de Stijl table). Here's the Schindler before sealing:

Wow! I really like how they improvised and put a darker piece of wood in the center to bring out that plane. The 1922 original was made of redwood, but we chose oak for ours (better to match the wood in our house). It goes off to the finisher before it comes home. We'll need to find a good place for it.

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