squalling over the squall

About 10ish last night, a heck of a squall line squalled through the area. Hail, sudden straight-line winds, horizontal rain. After the excitement passed, I wandered about in the back yard in the dark to see if there was any damage (I've been leery of the neighbors' dying pecan tree hanging over our house...), and sure enough, a giant limb was resting on the roof with several large-size limb bits scattered about the ground and on the fence. After running upstairs to check for damage (and not finding any), I was good morning'd with the above. 

After crawling up a ladder, I found a fist sized hole knocked into the roof. The entire weight of the branch is resting on that tree-fist. The neighbor speculated about where to cut the limb to bring it down, but with his electric line underneath and the promise of more damage to our house, methinks a professional is in order.

It's amazing there wasn't more damage. Windows could have been knocked out (I don't think it will be easy to replace the solid panes in our house...), gutters down, more holes, structural damage. But there are more branches up there, waiting for us...

Our home wasn't the only one affected...

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