dancing with architecture: mies's pieces--downtown chicago

View out our hotel window of the Hancock Tower, inspired, in part, by Mies.

Here are various photos of Miesian buildings out and about town, some by Mies van der Rohe, some inspired by Mies. Happenchancingly, the cross street where we stayed was called Mies van der Rohe Way. How's that for serendipity!

Car parking in Hancock Tower.

Car ramp in Hancock Tower.

The Sears (I refuse to call it the other) Tower, inspired by Mies.

Actual Mieses

Pizza and salad we ate while surrounded by Miesian architecture.


Telltale Miesian corner.

Giant I-beams that telescope smaller the taller the building gets.

Mies with Picasso.

More Mies.

Inside Mies's post office.

A mini-Mies? Unclear if by Mies or an adherent...

Sears Tower.

Old and new: A Mies lurking behind a Trump.

An homage to Mies at the corners of the Hancock Tower.

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