moderno (and other art shows)

The Blanton Museum of Art here in Austin is hosting a show called Moderno focused on South American Modernism as expressed (primarily) through furniture design. The show is open until January 17th, so hurry if you want to see it! It's mostly Mid-Century Modernism, but worth a quick walk-through for the casual Modernist. The biggest thing I got out of the show was that Diego Rivera's and Frida Kahlo's Casa O'Gorman of 1929 was one of the first Modern houses in Latin America (because of their feisty relationship, the house is split in two [one for her, one for him] and connected by a bridge divvied with a door with locks on both sides). The house is gorgeous and is something that I definitely need to check out.

We also checked out the shows at the two Contemporary locations.

Clerestories in the main hall (all facing north [must have been a waterproofing nightmare]).

The main hall has an installation of wall tiles inspired by Donald Judd.

Mexican Modernism kept an element of Earthiness at close hand.

Here's Casa O'Gorman. On the bucket list.

Didn't realize that Domus came from south of the border.

This is a chair.

The tiles.

Off to the Contemporary!

Couldn't tell if this was art or a terrorist plot...

Just walking...

The contemporary at Laguna Gloria:

Love the mix of formal with Pop.

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