after winning the $1.5 billion PowerBall lottery, this will be our second purchase...

Things, ummmm, didn't work out last week with Powerball. We got one of six numbers close, but not close enough to seal the deal. Fortunately, no one else won, so we get another chance tonight. Yippee!

The bride and I have been talking about our plans for the money: friends and family to take care of, donations to make, property to buy to help live the life of leisure we're sure we'd easily merge into. And so our second purchase would be this property on Catalina Island:

That, my friends, is the location of the greatest architectural tragedy of this century: the destruction of  Schindler's iconic Wolfe House, built in 1929. The loss of the house is heartbreaking, but what's unconsciable is how recently the property was razed: 2002. Two thousand and freakin' two!!! What is wrong with people?!?!?! 

So the plan is to buy this property, erase whatever's there, and rebuild the Schindler. We'd recruit Steve Wallet to help us out (and probably pay him well). 

Don't worry: We'll feed some hungry kids somewhere too. And save the whales. And the bees. But we will also right this architectural wrong.

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