counting drops with dropcountr

I received an invite to try out something called dropcountr, an app that compares your water usage to other similar users and provides a conservation goal for you to obtain.

It's pretty slick!

One interesting aspect of the app is how it only compares you to similar households. For example, since we don't use city water outside, the app only compares us to other households that don't use city water outside. That's rather brilliant. Rather than us feeling cozy (and superior...) to our lawn-watering neighbors, we're in a race with other water conscious crazies. The app also analyzes our month-to-month usage and identifies a goal for consistent water use (and, according to the red bars below, where we bust the goal). Also brilliant. Message: You can always do better!

It's a good looking app with gorgeously thought out graphics. Let's see if it saves water...

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