all the greene and greene we've seen

While in Los Angeles to see Schindler's Church, we also toured the Gamble House, designed and built by Greene and Greene. Some friends, after our first house-touring trip to L.A., yelped "What?You didn't tour the Gamble House!?!?!" And so on this trip, we did.

Charles and Henry Greene were architects in Pasadena, California, now known for their application of Arts and Crafts and the construction of "ultimate bungalows", mansion bungalows.

The Gamble house showcases gorgeous craftsmanship and, since the entire house, including most of the Greene and Green designed furniture and fixtures, was donated in whole, great continuity. Could we live there? Nope.

Perhaps it was the time of day (mid afternoon...) or the day itself (partly cloudy), but this house is darker than Charlie Sheen's soul. Even the exterior is a bit of a black hole, absorbing nearly every photon that comes near it. For the tour, the guide had to use a flashlight to show us parts of the cavelike house.

Worth a tour, but bring your owl eyes...

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  1. Been there, done that. And yeah, it's dark. But did you go to the Tournament of Roses House while you were in Pasadena?

    What? You didn't go to the Tournament House!?!?!