chasing a modern chaise lounge

With the summer sun soon upon us (the temp for tomorrow is predicted to be 98!), we need to find an appropriately modern chaise lounge for the bride to sun herself. Looking for something with clean lines, grey and/or white, outdoor ready, and affordable. Will we find it?

Luma Adjustable Chaise LoungeBy Modern Outdoor $3,399

Harbour Outdoor Piano Right Arm Deep Seating Chaise $2,769

1966 Adjustable Chaise LoungeBy Richard Schultz for Knoll $2,713

Harbour Outdoor Breeze Sun Chaise Lounge $1,880

Harbour Outdoor Piano Adjustable Sun Chaise Lounge $1,680

Gandia Blasco Tumbona Na Xemena Modern Outdoor Chaise Lounge $1,615

Harbour Outdoor Clovelly Stackable Sun Bed $1,488

Mamagreen Allux Chaise Lounge $1,173

BluDot Skiff Outdoor Sun Lounger $899

Lollygagger Chaise $829

Solstice Patio Chaise Lounge $499

Castle Peak Lounge Chair by Zuo Modern $370

CB2 idle grey sun lounger $299


  1. Found your blog during a google search, struggling with the same mission it looks like you had back in april... a nice modern lounge chair that won't cost me $1000. :)

    I'm in Austin and was wondering where you found the Solstice Patio Chaise Lounge chair? Was it local? Online? I really like the lines, price isn't horrible, but I can't find it anywhere. Is there somewhere in town that has decent chairs at decent prices?


    1. Thanks for the note. Found all of the above via the inter webs, not in town. Wound up going with the CB2 (a pattern we have: when we can;t decide, go with the cheapie until we have the guts [or funds] to go more expensive). It took FOREVER for the lounge to come, but finally came this past week. My fave is the Harbour Outdoor Piano. The BluDot looked intriguing (and with a BluDot in town now, they may have one).