time to choose the HVAC...

The builder pinged us late last week to finalize the HVAC system. We've toyed with having a ducted mini-split but have decided to go with a more conventional ducted (maxi-split?) system (I know, I know: yawn.). The house was designed for one, the trades are more comfy with it, and for some reason the SEERs for ducted mini-splits are lower than for the higher-end maxis. And we're gonna get a tricked out conventional system a la Bryant:

Evolution Extreme (say it with your voice lowered 1.5 octaves...)

  •  up to 20.5 SEER
  •  up to 13 HPSF
  •  up to 16 EER
  •  variable speed compressor (the holy grail for conventional systems and the reason mini splits tend to do so well)
  •   as low as 58 dB for cooling, as low as 62 dB for heating
The tricked out bit is the variable speed compressor. Typically these suckers only have two stages. Ours will have (wait for it...) INFINITY STAGES!!! Oh hells yeah!

Evolution System Plus 95s Gas Furnace
  • up to 95.0% AFUE
  • variable speed motor
We could get a couple more points of efficiency here with a higher end unit, but this is the one the sub recommends. Decided to go with it. 

Evolution Control thermostat
  • optional remote access (will need to check into that...)
  • optional zoning system (hope to have three zones...)
  • detects dirty filters

Preferred EZ Flex cabinet air filter
  • (comes with) MERV 10 or (can be fitted with) MERV 13 filtration

Coming soon: "To ERV or not to ERV, that is the question."

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  1. How much more $ was the higher SEER unit? From reading, it looks like variable speed dehumidifies better, but the breakeven cost from a 16 SEER seems to be around $400 price difference.

    If it saves the cost of a separate dehumdifier, the price difference could eb alrger/