modern (not meek) on Shoal Creek

Spend an hour or so gawking at a new house on Shoal Creek here in Austin built by friends of (several) friends. And it is gorgeous. The house has a commanding street presence, in part due to the western exposure (you don't want too many windows facing this brutal Texas sun [that's right: the sun belongs to us, so sit down and hush!]). Those windows you see in the photo immediately below down toward the bottom right of the structure? Those are to a screened in porch (with a fireplace, thank you). Not completely completed, the owners are ironing out the details and getting the landscaping in. 

The house has a number of neat features (all the lighting is LED), but I'm partial to the rainwater tanks. They have two! And one is proudly peacocked out front. Sooooooo jealous!  Visually, I think that little tank works quite well (but again, I'm partial). The larger tank in the back is also prominently displayed with a cantilevered and contained pipe that empties into the tank. The house has a huge roof directed toward this 3,000 gallon tank.

The house inside is simply fantastic (no inside shots; thought that might be a little forward...), and I imagine that it will show up soon on an AIA homes tour. We interviewed their architect for our house (somewhat on accident), but he was WAY out of our league. Nonetheless, he does good work.  

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