day 0

Since we are getting close (no, really!) to breaking ground, we took some photos of the lot from certain vantage points such that we can put together a time-lapse movie of construction when all is said and done. Hard to believe we are finally close to starting!


  1. If you haven't already, I'd suggest taking a whole bunch more "before" shots from different angles. You could end up with your recycling bin, materials drop-off spot, or some other obstruction(s) right in the middle of the lot and might have to adjust the vantage point for your time lapse as construction gets underway. (I don't think there was ANY angle from which we could have regularly gotten good shots.) Higher is better -- have you befriended any neighbors who would let you stand on their roof?

    1. ooo: good suggestion. What's the view like from your roof?

      Nice that we don't have telephone poles running down the street, but not nice that we don;t have one to climb...