the best tomato cages in the galaxy

Unless the Lizard Men of the Far Side of the Moon have something better, these are, hands and webbed lizard paws down, the best tomato cages in the galaxy. We've had other cages, the spindly thin-wired messes of round and square barely-welded excuses for tomato supports. All have gone to the wayside next to Texas Tomato Cages.

I first bought a couple of these cages some years ago at a local garden shop and had not been able to find them since. Setting up the garden last week reminded me to try and find them online. And I did: www.tomatocage.com. You are forewarned: they are STUPID expensive. But they will be the last tomato cages you will ever buy. Think of me when you grunt with Paleozoic satisfaction after installing these babies around your babies.

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