Dwell (with Monogram) in Austin at NEST Modern

Dwell magazine brought its traveling show of Monogram appliances (and other accoutrement) wrapped in a modular Method home to Austin this past Friday and Saturday at NEST Modern, and we stopped in to gawk.

The "house" was rather awesome. Based on a customized tweak of one of Method's basic modular homes, the place was airy, well designed, and thoroughly modern. I say "house" because the place, built to demo kitchen gear, had no bedroom (just kitchen, dining, living, and bathroom). The bathroom (below) is the best small bathroom we've ever seen: compact yet open and airy.

Although we could (somewhat) care less about new kitchen appliances, I have to admit to enjoying the demonstration of the cat-safe induction cooktop (at a mere $3,200); the combo speed cook, convention, warming, and microwave oven ($2,600), and fridge with cold-rolled aluminum shelves ($9,100).

As we consider cabin options, we were interested in seeing what modular looked like. This modular home was basically a fancy-schmancy single-wide trailer (let's call it a swankler!). However, Method modular homes (and modern mods in general) are not cheap. Turnkey for something like this is something like $250 to $300 a square foot (and probably more). As we consider options for a cabin, this is a "Hmmmm....". Perhaps it makes sense time-wise (this unit took them three months to build) or if you plan to build in an area that does not have the trades needed to make a modern home happen.

Since we hadn't been to the new digs for NEST Modern, we stopped in there as well. It's quite nice! From the photos, it looked much smaller than their previous space, but this spot at 2603 South Congress is quite nice with a large space in the back for outdoor furniture.

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