more modern mailboxes...

Gut checking mail box choices in addition to the previously mentioned...

Torgen Mailbox ($225 for just the mail box; $297 with the newspaper holder):

Teak and Stainless ($275):

Stainless Steel Modern ($171; also at Amazon):

Chicago White City ($145):

The Metropolis ($117):

The Locking Soho ($76):

The 4510 Standard ($140 with a lock):
The Urban ($100):

The Premium Maxi ($100):

The No. 1310 ($255):

The Deco Locking ($83):

The Deco Locking in white ($40):

The Maycreek ($250):

The European Home ($1,377):

The X-Fighter ($priceless):


  1. Just discovered this blog - very nice. Might want to do the same in a few years and from my guess in the same area :) Anyway, looks like 3 years later and you're still building the house. That's a long time! And from the numbers I've seen can't help but wonder if you considered alternatives. What would your opinion be in retrospect about going with something like Connect:Home or MA Modular? They claim 6mo build out and all inclusive budget excluding land of about $180/sf.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the kind words! "3 years later and you're still building the house" Hadn't thought of it that way, but you are right: That's a long time (and it sounds depressing...). A couple things contributed to that: (1) we were not in a big rush to build when we first bought the lot and (2) we fired the first architect we hired causing us to lose a year. Once we started with the second architect, it took 1.5 years. Add two months to that to include finding a new architect. I would say plan on two years from design to build. We considered modular (and MA is probably the most reasonable cost wise as was as being semi-customable and local), but the costs were high enough for us to simply go custom and get the full benefit of (competent) architects.

  2. ...and the winner is?

    Btw, have I told you how noisy it is to have the mailbox mounted on the house? I don't know if it's the mail landing in the box or the lid slamming back down, but three years in, the noise is still startling -- like someone banging on the wall, and then I go, oh yeah, that's just the mail. On the bright side, we don't waste time checking the mailbox.

    1. Don't know yet: too many choices...

      Good point about not having the box attached to the house. We figure we'll attach it to the de Stijl wall that will be placed in front of the front door.