modern hand rails

We need handrails for heading up (or down) the stairs. Are there modern hand rails out there?

This rail hardware by Halliday and Baillie is rather perfect:

but the $220 required per fixture is gulp inducing.

Here's a less expensive one by Linnea:

but still, at $100 a piece (and needing at least six of them) we're looking at a lot of scratch.

Here's a nice one from componance:

Can't find a price on this very-expensive-looking piece of hardware...

Inline Design has a nice blocky bracket:

that is also relatively affordable at $34 a piece. Also appears that the hardware could be square with the rail at an angle. Me likes. Not chrome, but not horribly expensive either...

Here's a similar but less elegant one at buyrailings.com for $31:

Not sure what we're going to do for handrails, but the folks at stairsupplies.net have squarish handrails in a variety of woods, including hickory:


  1. I was looking into that exact componance hardware (FB-02) for my rails. In Feb. 2012, they quoted me $40/each plus shipping. I sent an email to info@componance.com and they replied w/n the hour (on a Friday, no less)!!

    Because of the anchor required on that one, my steel fabricator (who also made my rails) decided to make his own. They are nowhere near as finished-looking as the componance ones, but as you well know, you have to make concessions along the way.

    Enjoying the journey you're documenting on your new home. Congrats and good luck as you near completion.

    1. Thanks the reply and price point. It also looks like that hardware is installed and then drywalled around (although the way they've been throwing drywall and mud around here lately, that's not a big deal).

      $40 each is in the ballpark of all the others!