week 26: flatwork, parapet tops, and mo sealing!

The big news this week is installation of the flatwork, namely the driveway and walkway to the front door. It's not all quite done yet since the city made us take out the existing curb to put in a new one. Prolly for the best since it will look better if the concrete is all of the same vintage.

One interesting element of the driveway (and there's one in the walkway) are these three-inch holes for feather grass. The foreman thought this was quite odd...

We planted a couple feather grasses to see how they would work. They work!

A subtle change is that the parapets are now topped. Yay! Adds a wee bit of bling to the tippy-top of the house.

Since nothing progressed on the interior (a good thing), I spent the day there today (my birthday!) sealing sill plates (the boards that rest on the foundation) and the boards that attach to the sill plates. I've read that gaps between sill plate and slab add up to an eight-inch square hole in your house if you don't seal them. I believe it. When I sealed the gap on the western side of the house, you could feel a breeze coming out from that crack! Will spend a few hours tomorrow touching things up, but that should settle the wheeling and sealing (except for some work planned for the outside for next weekend). At this point we've sealed every crack we can find (and reach: can't reach the top of the stairwell windows). 

Had a good meeting with the builder on Tuesday morning at Lance Armstrong's coffee shop (I wonder if they slip something extra in the coffee there...). We talked about landscaping, tile, flatwork, wood floors, wood ceilings, baseboards, drywall finish, and the coming array of events to completion. We are in the home stretch, folks!


  1. Good photos. How did you get the sky so blue?

    1. It was just a great, blue-sky day. Photos taken with a Canon 2Ti. No enhancement.

      Thanks fer asking E5A, PLLC!