plugged in (and not tuned out!): modern electrical outlets

Bailing on the under-upper plugs (too many subs to coordinate, and the change orders would cause severe nausea ...), so we need to choose plugs for the backsplash. The dream would be these Bocci plugs, the Bocci 22:

Stunningly gorgeous, but also stunningly expensive. The mounting plate costs $50 a piece, the plug itself costs $75 a piece, and you need an installation tool (one time charge!) that costs $150. It also looks expensive as hell to install (I can already see the crazed twitchy looks from the builder and subs).

Then there's this, the 360 electrical:

The plugs rotate to fit your needs, and they are pretty affordable: $5 a set!

Beaker's Bro turned us onto Legrand Adorne:

which actually have pretty darn cool switches and other stuff as well. Really diggin' the cubist emphasis here.

Even better is the pop-out outlet:

You press the square and the plug pops out of the wall: nifty!

This may be the place to buy the stuff.

We are currently spec'd for Leviton Decora:

which is cool, clean, modern, and affordable. Nonetheless, we foresee switching out some strategically placed plugs about the house with the Legrand Adornes.


  1. Here in CA, all kitchen and bathroom outlets have to be GFCI and most of your examples are not. Also the Legrand site states that CFGI is required by National Electrical Code in kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor locations.

    Like it or nor, the GFCI styles have more "visual clutter."

    1. Have to be GFCI here in good ole Texas as well; however, we can put the entire line on a GFCI circuit breaker to avoid the reset and test buttons (we're not going to do that).

      I think Legrand Adorne does a nice job of designing in the reset and test buttons into the plug.

      Saw your house recently in, I believe, Atomic Ranch. Nice!