week 24: weekend surprises!

When we went out on Saturday, it didn't look like much had happened during the previous week. We've been waiting to get inspection clearance from the city, and it was still forthcoming as of late last week. However, there was evidence of some activity:

 The inspector must have said "Where's your soil control?"

Some trim on the garage.

A vent for the laundry fan. Yay!

Is that caulk around the windows? Yes, it is!

That tan stuff (Hardie) is new.

More of that tan stuff (with an unfortunate step back from the plane of the windows; ideally should be in the same plane, but the door installer wasn't paying attention [or, alternatively, he was and couldn't make it work]).

While on-site on late-morning Saturday, the insulators showed up! So back out to the site we went on Sunday to check on their progress:

That's a lot of foam! Seems that they still have some joint sealing to do before they are completely done. The house is real quiet now on the inside.

And then, while on-site late-morning Sunday, the painters arrived. We got to see some of the white go up while picking up trash and talking with a couple with a very similar situation as us before we dove into this whole adventure (welcome to the blog if y'all found it!).

The builder has pinged us for the wood for the eaves and is now pressing on the tile and wood floor. Time to start second guessing decisions, we guess!

The pressure is holding...


  1. Hmmm...I bet there are a few neighbors wondering, is white the final color, or is this just primer? (I'm pretty sure we had the whole neighborhood praying it was primer when our house got its first coat.) Your white looks awesome.

    "The pressure is holding" -- metaphorical?

    1. Already had one comment along those lines... We weren't able to stop back by yesterday, so we didn't get a chance to see how much they got done (and what it all looked like). Good to hear it's looking great!

      Literal (the pressure is holding on the supply lines) and metaphorical (the pressure is on to make decisions to finish the house).