archiEAT: boiler nine, austin, texas

This place has been on our bucket list since it opened last year. The bride, being a metallurgical engineer who works on power plants, was tickled that a restaurant opened up in one of the boiler bays at the iconic City of Austin art deco'd power plant, recently repurposed into offices and this eatery.

We were not disappointed.

The repurpose of the plant is gorgeous, and the restaurant nĂ© boiler bay expertly done, achieving the purpose at hand while retaining enough of the boiler and its ephemera to keep the bride happy.

The food was fantastic. Not having reservations, we ate at the bar overlooking the kitchen (which is our preference anyway). The kitchen overview allowed us to chat with the chef and sous chef, both sweethearts (who slipped us samples).

Highly recommended, both for the interesting locale and the chow!

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