Starlight Village

An article popped up in last Sunday's Austin American-Statesman about this nifty little development northwest of Austin in Leander, Texas. Starlight Village, consisting of 29 houses of Mid-Century Modern design, is being developed by a retired air force navigator and his wife (blessed are the airplane people who love Modern). Construction has just started.

It's a sweet development. The designs encompass the best of Modernism: big windows, clean lines, open living areas, honest materials. It's an interesting development in that it seems to be pitched to winter Texans: the home-owners association takes care fo the grounds and outside of your house while you are away for months at a time.

One interesting glitch in the article is reference to this being the first all-MCM development since back in the day, interesting in that there are two developments like this in Austin: Sol and Agave (not to mention others across the country). Nonetheless, this is a cool development for developments. I hope they are a rip-riaring success!

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