dancing with architecture: cleburne, texas

While driving back from our Fort Worth trip a few weeks ago, we took the long way (non-I-35) home to collect photos of water towers for an office project. We happened to roll through Cleburne and noticed that the county courthouse was a little unusual in that it had a tall Deco-esque tower instead of the typical dome. We stopped to stretch and check the place out. Surprised to find a Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Sullivan connection with the building. In fact, the building is an odd fusion of Sullivan and Wright.

For example, check out the cornice in the photo below: the upper part of the cornice is more curvy ornate a la Sulilvan while the lower part is more Prairie School geometric a la Wright.

The full story and Wright connetion is explained here:

Barglebaugh also designed a Prairie Style home in Dallas. More about Barglebaugh here, here, here, and here. Barglebaugh was also involved with the design of the Harris County and Cook County courthouses (something to check out for the future).

Oh yeah: Here are some water towers:

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