lingering landscapes: installation pt. 2

A bunch of progress today! The crew finished farming out the various concrete objects and then poured cement.

Here's the art stand near the bedroom door:

Here's the other patio planter. You can see the rebar reinforcement here.

A view with both planters in the view; pouring concrete in the far one:

Banging at the framing to settle the 'crete:

Smoothed out and coming together! The space in the foreground is the pond; the area toward the rear is a planter. I feared that perhaps the pond would be too shallow, but as it's coming together, it looks good. The landscaper worried that perhaps the planters themselves were too short. We designed them also to serve as seats and places to set drinks. They'll work. Low-slung works with the house as well.

View looking toward the back. They have the far planter covered to control how quickly it dries out (and also keep the periodic rain from plucking the top).

Concrete bottom in the pond. They also installed a pipe to install a pump at some point in the future. Not planning to at this point (skeeter fish will eat the skeeters), but nice to have the option.

Concrete bottom on the left for the pond; open to the ground on the right for the planter.

Stage step.

Everything's exposed now and drying out.

The other planter. This one is all planter, so it's all open bottom.

Here's the little art stand.

There're the boards to form the horizontal lines on the planters. Neat photo because it shows the grade on the patio.

Edges all smoothed out. Can't wait for the boards to come off!

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