the christening of the stage; sad girls playing theremin; party recycling

We held our annual green chile peeling party yesterday. This is a little shindig we started two decades ago that used to be intimate that has now grown to about 80 people showing up with live music. This meant that we finally got to test out the stage, and Beth Lee and the Breakups were the testers. The stage seemed to work out quite well. 

I broke out the theremin to play on the last song and then let the kids have their way with it.

"Look depressed" I said. "What's depressed?" she asked. "Depressed is sad. Look sad," I answered. "Oh, OK," she said, "I can do sad."

Being rabid recyclers, I dug through the trash this morning and reduced the metal trash can and the plastic bin (which were full) down to the plastic bag in front (the rest being either recycled or composted). Not a bad amount of trash for a party with more than 80 people!

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