to tub or not to tub: part deaux

Way back when, when we were in the early stages of putting together our wish list of what we wanted with the house, the topic of whether or not we should have a tub in the master came up. Ultimately, based on resale expectations of buyers and falling head over heels in love with this tub shown above, we tubbed. However, another item of consideration on whether to tub or not to tub came up recently: health.

When you are young, strapping, healthy, and (ahem) a wee bit on the handsome side of plain, you don't think as much about the future, and the future generally includes health issues. And those health issues may require the use of tub. I bring this up because I've been dealing with a health issue the past couple of weeks where the doc has prescribed, among post-surgery narcotics and muscle relaxants, three to four tub soakings a day. You gotta have a tub to soak.

I suppose you could still live without a tub in the master and have one elsewhere in the house, but if it's up on the second floor and you can't walk upstairs, that tub ain't going to help you. The tub could be in someone's else's bathroom on the first floor (easier if someone doesn't live there), but even that's not ideal (and probably requires a bit of scrubbing before the tubbing).

If you are designing for aging in place, or anything really, I recommend putting a tub in your master. Having spent quite a bit of time in ours recently, I can say that it is quite convenient and awesome (a cocoon, really).

Doctor's orders.

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  1. We have slightly sunken tubs (think standard tub halfway submerged into the floor) that were designed for accessibility and like a lot of things designed for accessibility they're fantastic for kids, and pretty much everyone else.