a cubist gourmet-club meal

Our corner of the 'hood holds a monthly gourmet club where a host defines a theme and partakers prepare a dish in-the-spirit-of-the-theme to share. We hosted last night (with co-hosts from just down the street) with a theme of "Cubism" in honor of the house (although the house is really neoplastic, but I'm not sure how neoplastic food goes down...). Got distracted with giving a home tour so I sadly wasn't able to photograph all the food, but I got some of it (including bar-b-cubed [har! har!]). Another neighbor got confused and brought Cuban food (sigh... those people on Greenlawn...). One neighbor even baked a cake in the shape of the house!

lifted from The Poetry of Site

The Judd picnic table worked great. The bride counted at least 15 people sitting round the table at one point (!!!). We need to work on backyard lighting, particularly where we had the food. Time to break out and restore Mack Brown's lampshade? (yes, we own Mack Brown's lampshade, a giant lampshade from his downtown condo we snagged via a home tour that included our last house).

Lots of cubed food. Good thing we have a cubist toilet...

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  1. Your blog is amazing! I am also on my quest to build my own modern home in Austin, Tejas! Would love to pick your brain if possible.
    I am almost getting discouraged with the insane prices in town and ridiculous regulations but the dream lives on :)

    Hope you can shoot me a note at your convenience


    Best Regards,