week 41.286: more lights, real AC, mobile plugs, underground power

With things happening so quickly these days, it's hard not to stop in at the house during the week and see what's happening! So I shot up north for lunch and a quick peek.

we have AC!

Here's one of the satellite thermostats keeping the indoors at a reasonable 75 degrees.

Looks like they're still working on setting the main brains of the operation:

The ERV was running as well, but without the AC running. It'll need to be programmed/hooked into the system such that it only runs when the AC runs.

let there be (even more) light!

Here're some closeups of the Kovacs lights in the master bathroom:

Love how the glass enclosure looks like a box inside a box.

Here are the lights in the powder room:

And here they are in the upstairs bath:

Here are the lights in the master closet and laundry:

and in the work-out room (second bedroom):


 The plug is now in the master drawer:

The thought here was to be able to keep recharging bathroom utensils in a drawer and off of the countertop. The drawer opens and closes like a breeze.

And they've started running conduit in the back yard (power for the stage and the hot tub):

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