week 41: landscaping, lights, mirrors, HVACing, wood for floors

In addition to real live electricity being turned on at the house earlier, work continues at a pretty good clip at the site. Let's check in, shall we?

yard work

They started work on the landscaping, first "clear-cutting" and grading everything.

Since we have a lot (and I mean a lot) of mulch and rock, there will also be a lot (and I mean a lot) of weed barrier laid down:

Some of the rock (the light rock) is here:

Hopefully that's bigger than "kitty-litter" size...

Here's one of the bits of grass that we will have (it will be inside of the rectangle). Glad to see them using steel edging.

Unfortunately there was some collateral damage to the driveway that they will have to fix...

mirror mirror on the wall...

And the mirrors are in (except for the powder, which is waiting on us and we are waiting on the sink and lights to go in first).

Hard to see in the photo, but the lights are gorgeous, much cooler than the photos. Absolutely perfect. Big smiles all around.

"Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the most shocking of them all?"

Here's the mirror in the upstairs bath:


More progress on the HVAC with the thermostats installed and evidence of configuring in the mechanical closet.

Wished they had not placed the one above right at the edge (actually hanging slightly over the edge) of the wall. sigh...

let there be (more) lights

The electrical is progressing:

A few more lights are up besides the ones in the master bath. There are bulbs in the dining room chandelier:

The IKEA hanging lights in the stairwell are in, but without the "flowers":

Saw the installers today, and they said they left them off because of dust and will wait until the very end. Smart. With the metal work upstairs, there's this nasty fine-grained electrostatic metal dust everywhere. And it seems to like flowers.

There's power to the PH-5 in the entry:

There's a light in the pantry:

There's a light in the buds-n-suds room, but it's the wrong one.

wood for the wood floors

A lot of back and forth on the wood floors. Builder not keen on the quality of our (primarily aesthetically driven) choice and we weren't keen on his much-more-expensive-than-the-budget (and aesthetically inferior alternative) choices. Now that the wood is here, the variation is not as great as we would like, but we like how it compliments the cypress. So this wood it is.

tub cleaned (kinda)

There was a general pick-up/clean-up of the house, including the guest tub:

But it still needs a scrubbing!

punch list

black = builder
orange = us
gray and crossed = done!

general items:

- touch-up paint
- polish concrete floor
- clean windows
- seal sills
- door hardware
    - knob
    - doorstop

- pocket door hardware
- wood floor

master bedroom:
- art can (partial)
- seal outside door
- outside door hardware
- plugs in bedside tables

master closet:
- light
- hanger poles (partial)

master bath:
- faucets
- toilet
- tub
- shower faucets
- tub spout
- tub faucet
- mirror
- vanity lights
- above tub light cover
- drawer plug
- cab adjusts
- switch cover in toilet room
- touch up tile trim

master hall:
- thermostat

buds and suds:
- faucet
- LED lights
- backsplash
- plug cover
- counter plug electric
- light
- cab adjusts

rear entry (hee hee!):
- CO detector
- art can (partial)
- level door
- thermostat

- hot water control
- cable/data hookups

- peninsula wood
- back splash
- cooktop electric
- cooktop gas
- fridge
- oven/microwave
- dishwasher
- LEDs
- cab adjusts
- sink faucet
- potfiller
- seal countertop edges
- hood
- hood top cap

- art cans (partial)
- paint pillars
- crystal

- speakers
- art can (partial)
- LEDs
- touch up cabs
- cab pulls
- seal upper windows to wood?
- floor plugs

- light switch covers
- door bell chime
- door knob

coat closet:
- pole

- sink
- light
- mirror
- toilet
- toilet buttons


- missing plug
- treads
- hand rail

romeo landing and hall:
- railing (partial)
- floor plug
- thermostat
- gas to furnace
- ceiling switch covers
- cans
- pendant lights
- switch cover

guest bed:
- closet pole
- closet doors
- closet door hardware

guest bath:
- faucet
- mirror
- light
- tub faucet
- can light
- shower rod
- toilet

work out room:
- door hardware
      - knob
      - doorstop
- ERV cover
- closet bars
- light
- closet light

- garage door
- entry door
- entry door hardware
- garage door opener
- stain floor
- switch cover
- lights
- faucet
- back light

- faucet by master
- plug by master
- cable
- plug by condenser
- water heater
- gutters
- gas meter
- gas connection
- clean up clean out
- wire to outdoor light
- window bottom at front
- window bottom at back
- entry plug
- doorbell
- seal limestone to door
- roof over limestone
- carport faucet
- paint eyebrows
- seal to cypress?
- clean roof

- north side fence Sol
- north side fence fancy  (partial)
- gate side fence
- gate
- south side fence Sol
- south side fence fancy  (partial)
- rear fence (partial)
- white gravel in back  (partial)
- mulch in back
- pavers
- grasscrete
- black gravel in back
- black gravel in front
- mulch in front
- feather grass
- trees in front
- trees in patio
- tree on south side

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