week 43.7143: plants, grasscrete, gated, LEDs, in hot water

Lots of progress, but still a ways to go...

a planting

They've started planting trees and working up the landscaping on the front:

The palm tree behind the hot tub...

Piles of mulch in the front yard.

Texas Mountain Laurel in the back yard.

Texas Mountain Laurel in the front yard.

One of the Mexican Sycamores in the front yard (the other one is planted as well).


...has started to go in along with an unexpected charge: no one thought about how to shore up the ends.

the gate

The skeleton of the gate is in. The latch is sooper freakin cool...


The LEDs are in!

In the laundry/buds-n-suds room. Those solid shelves will be replaced with glass shelves.

In the kitchen.

In the top shelf of the bookshelves.

Ironically, we went with the more expensive white backed LEDs in the kitchen (where it turns out you can't see them unless you really, really try) and went with the less expensive black-backed LEDs in the bookshelves (where you can't help but see them). We were planning all along to put some flavor of lip along there anyway, so no biggie. Funny, though...

primered rail

how hot is that water?

The hot water heater controller is now installed:

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