modern outdoor plugs

Every detail, even every mundane detail, is an opportunity for design. And outdoor plug covers are no exception.

We have several outdoor plugs with a couple prominently located. So it would be good to have some aesthetically pleasing plugs for the great outdoors. There aren't many out there, but there are some. We want to avoid having a wall wart such as this pop up outside:

Half the battle is figuring out the proper terminology to search on. The words "weather-resistant receptacle cover" seems to be the winning combination.

Since we're going with Leviton for the majority of the plugs on the inside, Leviton was our first stop.


This is actually pretty good. White, simple, low-profile. Also comes in gray (one of the plugs is on the gray garage. It's made of a hard plastic, so I'm not sure how resilient it will be.

A similar one but made out of metal in this one:

Unlike the Leviton, is has a bunch of crap embossed on the front (for some reason, manufacturers are often like dogs pissing on trees, marking their territory; it can drive a budding minimalist crazy).

Some other choices that are out there:

Depending on your preferences, there are others that might fit the bill. But there aren't many moderns out there...

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