week 33: mo cabs; mo sills; mo tile

The big news this week is that the cabinets are in! Also, more work on tile, picking sills, and coffee stains....

the cabinets are in! the cabinets are in!

We were both out of town over the past week (the bride is still out of town...), so we weren't able to peek as progress (ahem...) progressed. So it was a delight to walk in and see the cabinets all installed!

Not surprisingly most of the cabinet work was in the kitchen, and it looks mighty fine!

After the cabs were in, the builder said "I hope you like white." Indeed, we do. That's why we chose 'em.

One decision we had to make during the install was where to put the pulls for the cabinets with doors. Leverage would suggest they be at the outer edge. However, we decided to center the door pulls. There's enough leverage from the center, and they look much better (much more modern) lined up with the drawer pulls. Didn't take a photo of one of the pulls (will add one later...), but they nicely complement the de Stijlness of the house.

The Super Susan. We have two of these: a super use of typically-dead corner space.

The gaping hole on the left is for the oven and microwave. The gaping hole on the right is for the fridge.

Here are the floating cabs in the master bath. Looking good. Also floaties in the upstairs bath (photo in the tile section of this post). There's a small miniature pony wall under there to help support the cabinet. The floating is a nice effect.

Here are the cabs in the laundry/bar (aka the buds and suds room):

For the buds...

For the suds...

We went back and forth on whether or not the glass on the uppers for the buds should be clear or frosted. Ultimately we went with clear since we can always film them later if we want to. Hard to unfrost glass...

Finally, here are the floating built-in side tables in the master bedroom. That's awesome. 

Ideally the top of the cabinet would have been at the same elevation as the window sill, but we missed it by an inch or so due to the height of the electric plug in the wall behind the cabinet and the need to preserve the integrity of the wood (for strength) in the upper back of the cabinet.

cabinet QA

I checked the performance of every drawer and door in the install and found just a few problems. First, one of the doors in the buds and suds room got mauled somehow with a deep scratch across the front:

There's matching one on the left side as well...

Whoops! That's going to require a replacement.

And then there's a drawer and upper in the kitchen and one in the upstairs bath that are rubbing on stuff they shouldn't be rubbing on. We'll be sending a note to make sure the sub and builder are aware of these issues. 

File this next one under "When subs collide": That wire is (ideally) supposed to be under the cabinet (it's for the under cabinet lights). Nobody did anything wrong here; it's just the cabinet design went off in a slightly different direction than the plans, one of the challenges of semi-custom cabinets.

mo tile

Really liking the job the tile sub is doing. Nice and clean and good decisions on tile placement/arrangement. 

The builder is fond of these neat aluminum edge pieces designed for tile edges, and for good reason: They nicely finish out the edge of tile work and complement the aluminum windows:

The white wall tile is done in the master shower (all the photos above); waiting for the engineered quartz top for the beauty bench and then the tile for the floor of the shower. There also needs to be white tile on the lower part of the walls in the rest of the bathroom. That also needs to wait until the countertops are in.

The floor tile in the upstairs bath is done and looks nice. 

You can also get a glimpse of the floaty cab on the right.

We opted to not "hardwire" in a shampoo niche in either shower/bath. The architects didn't specify any, and they're hard to do right (where they line up nicely with the grout lines). Might go with an after-market shelf if need be...

pills, thrills, and sills

The builder went to the lumber yard and picked out a couple pieces of hickory for the upstairs window sills. There was only a couple pieces that had some of that hickory character to them. We'll use the interesting pieces on the lower elevation sills and the less interesting pieces on the upper elevation sills.

Delivered to the house were several boards of white oak for the downstairs sills. Decided that cypress was too soft for sills and that white oak would be better and complement the tone of the cypress.

coffee stains

Besides the pipeline spill in Arkansas, it appears we also suffered a mishap of dark liquids:

Good thing we're painting that baseboard.

coming up....

Fencing: One of these days, it will happen...

Countertops: With the cabinets in, the countertop sub can measure and fab. We need to send over details on where to put faucets holes, especially the non-obvious non-centered ones (kitchen faucet, pot filler).

Horno: Ran into a shipping snag last week, and now the cost has doubled (ggggrrrrrr....). Checking and waiting to see if there's another deal... Since there's not a platform in the back yard yet for the horno, no rush yet...

Gas: Looks like the utilities are starting to go in!

Sills: The wood has arrived; will they go in this week?

Tile: More tile work?

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