week 30: eyebrows on the roof, drywalling

Slow progress on the drywalling, eyebrows on the roof, and misc. loose ends.


Was hoping to see the skim coat on the walls this weekend, but just the taping and floating got done. Was noticing that the drywall compound was looking wettish last weekend, so wondering if the weather hasn't been dry enough (or perhaps the house is too closed in to let the moisture escape). When we visited this time, we noticed that several of the windows were cracked open, and the compound looked dry. Since stuff is supposed to be painted this week, they gotta get after it Monday!

Master bedroom.

Living room.


Dining "room" and kitchen.

Detail of the metal post running into the ceiling.

Guest bathroom.

Windows in the upstairs bedroom.

The drywallers have done a great job. And to their credit, they're great at cleaning up the site, always a good sign, we've decided. There have been only three things we commented on to the builder: (1) the upper elevation on the windows in the over photo not being level, (2) the doorbell box being drywalled over, and (3) the fan in the master shower being crooked. They've taken care of #1 and it looks like they're trying to address #3:

Don't think we've shown the inside of garage all gussied up:

It'll be nice to have the garage all finished out!

eyebrows on the roof

If you recall, the design calls for what we've all been calling "eyebrows" over certain second story windows:

Eyebrows on the front of the house shown in yellow. There's one more round back.

The eyebrows are here, but they are currently on the roof:

The builder originally thought he would do these out of aluminum instead of the specified 3/8-inch plate steel, but the aluminum turned out to be too expensive (it must have been real bad since he didn't ask if we wanted to pay the delta). I was envisioning these things being metallic instead of white, but we'll go with white and see what they look like. Can alway paint them later something different if need be...

They look heavy as Rosanne Barr after a Luby's binge, so we'll see how they go up...

how much wood would a woodchuck chuck...

Whelp, turns out that we can't get the cypress without the v-notch (the one on the left in the photo below). Tried out a different source, but their cypress was uber-notty. So.... faced with lower quality cupping, but wide-planked, cedar and higher quality uncupping, but v-notched, cypress, we went with the v-notch. Compromises, compromises...

marking territory

The architects finally put up a sign!

if the car fits...

The bride parked her bug-a-boo under the car port. It fits!!! And she looks good with the house (the car too!).

closet design

We're not getting real complicated:


Been spending some time figuring out the landscaping and looking for ways to cut costs. Here's where we're at:

Hopefully that puts a dent in the seven grand in stones...

moment of bliss

This could be my favorite shot (of a detail) of the house...


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    1. Nope. Hoping they fit in under the 90 percent rule...

    2. I'm pretty sure the 90% provision only applies to the basic requirement (i.e., for a 1-star rating). In the "Outdoor Living and Landscaping" section, there's a 5-star requirement that ALL new plants have to come from the Grow Green book.

      Don't shoot the messenger.

    3. (shuffling of papers, mumbling, concerned pencil sucking...) Right you are, right you are. Although existing plants are excluded. You've seen the pre-existing hedges, right?