week 28: seven months in and whoop! whoop!

Whoa! Lots happening this past week! The big news on the outside is that the limestone cladding is starting to go up, and it looks awesome! The first course went up yesterday and the second course up this morning (looks like a course-a-day deal).

We haven't talked grout yet, but we're liking how the seams look here. Gray grout?

The other big news is that the drywall has started to go in!

Master bedroom (light and speaker holes in the ceiling)

Master bathroom, tub area

Master bathroom, shower area

The square window in the master closet

Looking from the master bathroom toward the kitchen/dining/front entry

Looking into the kitchen from anear

 Looking into the kitchen from afar

Living room media wall

Looking into the dining/living/front entry 
(it appears there will be no egg frying in underwear...)

Looking toward the built-in shelves. Had to make a decision on Thursday on how to trim the shelves out. Decided to not trim them out. Appears to be the right decision...

Looking from the kitchen/dining room area back toward the master suite

Looking up the stairwell

Looking toward the built-in desk area of the back second-story bedroom

 Looking from the desk area toward the opposite direction

 Looking from the back bedroom toward the front bedroom

Pile of stuff on the walkway

Looking toward the two-window ensemble in the front second-story bedroom

Looking toward the three-window ensemble in the front bedroom

Trimmed out opening for the ERV in the front bedroom's closet

Access to the zone controller for the HVAC system

Looking down(ishly) the stairwell

 They still need to tape and float and cut a few more holes (and do the garage), but a whole lot got done yesterday (yes, they did all this in one day).

Looks the builder was right about not putting in the fancy door just yet...

So this next week they'll be finishing the drywall, finishing the limestone cladding, and putting the eyebrows on (the shade extensions that go over three collections of windows on the second floor). They might also start putting in cabinets as well.

Eight weeks until the punch walk. That's a heartbeat away!

Stay off the driveway, please.

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