2020 design trends to ditch (according to realtor.com)

Modernism and minimalism needs to be ditched.

I always get a cackling cackle (with a deeply furrowed brow) from reading new year's design trends, and these top ten design trends to ditch from realtor.com are no different. Is short, they've bought into the maximalist trend displayed by the moneyed elite whose homes defile the pages of the Architectural Digest.

1. Lone accent wall

I though lone accent walls were out in the 90s? Here Realtor proposes painting the entire room a single bold color. That's bold, and I've seen it done well in older homes to flatten decoaration into a more Modern aesthetic. I'm down with that.

2. Minimalist designs

Have to disagree with this one (for [ahem] obvious reasons). The world is far too busy, cluttered, and frightening. Our homes need to be relaxing.

3. Faux natural materials

Have to agree with this one (been out of fashion in Modern since the beginning, really). Applies to the basement as well, you nitwits.

4. Rose gold and millennial pink

Anything outside of consistently-used chrome and brushed nickel is doomed for death.

5. Farmhouse style

This style will not die without a lot of chicken necks being wrangled.

6. Cool and light materials

Their example doesn't do it right. Cool and light and then add the pop!

7. Fast furniture

There's irony in attacking IKEA's business model for the sake of climate change in a list of "get rid of your furniture, fixtures, and flooring 'cause it's boooooring." Perhaps irony is dead too? Certainly for buying good furniture at outset if you can afford it.

8. Neon word signs

Yep: those can go.

9. Bedding in a kit

Because it says you aren't trying hard enough.

10. Open floor plans

Millennials don't like open floor plans. Apparently they like to eat their avocado toast in private.

The best design advice I can give? Do what floats your houseboat, even if its fake rose-gold tiles in your open floor-plan farmhouse mod.

Whatever makes you happy, makes you happy. Do it.

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