a visit to schindler's leland-fitzpatrick house

Our most favorite house in the world is R.M. Schindler's Fitzpatrick-Leland House in Los Angeles. It is simply a stunner, a cubist masterpiece of home architecture gorgeous from every angle, but especially glorious from the back, where the house first intimately engages visitors.

We had hoped to take the architect and builder to see the house on Monday, when it is officially open at the first of the month, but our flights were leaving too soon and the house opening too late. After stopping in at the Schindler-Chace House, I thought "What the hell! We're heading to the mountains!" to at least gawk at the house from the street. After arriving and carefully walking up the drive, the owner of the business renting the space came marching out and graciously offered the house to us for inspection. And so we partook!

My favorite view of the house is from across the pool back toward the inner elbow of the floor plan, but, using this visit to savor other views, I 'discovered' the delightful view in the photo above from the walkway back toward the house.

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