graffiti walk: Denver, Colorado

After a night of cold and hot sweats--so bad I couldn't get up to turn the lights off in my room--I thought for sure I'd be spending the weekend in Colorado nursing myself back to health or getting buried (and, no, my illness was not from MaryJane-enhanced chocolates). Woke up the next morning feeling a lot better and decided to keep my flight home and, to celebrate, go on a two-hour graffiti hike near downtown Denver.

The last time I was in Denver, we accidentally found a graffiti district branching off of the arts district. This time, wondering if there were others, I Googled Denver graffiti and was instantly rewarded with a list of Denver Street Art. Since it was on the way to the airport, I chose the River Art North District, what the cool kids call RINO (and explains all the rhinos I saw emblazoned with ART).

What a fantastic place! I hoofed near and far and saw over a hundred murals, including, appropriately enough, Herbert Bayer graffiti!

Someone had an elaborate set up to feed the stray alley cats.

Detail from the above mural.

Hoofed down this long street wondering if there was anything to see at the end, and the graffiti gods smiled upon me!

Herbert Mayer inspired graffiti

Surrounded on both sides by a block of condos from the same gentrifying developer, I imagine this hold-out was called an asshole by the developer...

Herbert Mayer inspired graffiti

And then here's a paste of Herbert Bayer's Bauhaus selfie, the last graffiti I saw on the way to the airport. The world works in weird ways sometimes...

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